A pet that communicates? Talking birds must be perfect pet, but are they really?

Talking Birds vs. Chirping Birds

Which species speaks to you?

The idea of having a pet that speaks to you is so fascinating, but are the disadvantages to owning a rare bird? There must certainly be a fair amount of upkeep and expense. What about a chirping bird instead? We've compared these similar, yet dynamically different bird species.

Talking birds, such as parrots, and chirping birds, like finches and canaries, are very different. The first point to consider when choosing between the two is the bird's lifespan. Parrots usually have a life expectancy between 20 to 70 years depending on breed while chirping birds rarely live more than 15 years. If the pet owner can afford the sustained cost and energy of raising a parrot, they are rewarded with a lifelong companion, but this situation isn’t ideal for everyone. The second thing to consider is cost. Highly intelligent and long-living parrots are rare and expensive and can cost thousand of dollars. While a canary is a much more affordable pet. Another point related to cost is the expense of housing and caring for the bird. Large parrots require large cages, and due to their strong beak and claws can be destructive. They also require a large amount of food for their large appetites. A chirping bird requires only a small cage ad much less food to survive happily. The last thing to consider is time and training.

Chirping birds require little human interaction and leave little mess compared to larger birds. On the other hand, some parrots require extensive training and attention, and will become destructive if their needs are not met. Training a parrot to talk and interact with others can be difficult and time consuming, and it is not a task to be taken lightly. To summarize, when choosing between talking and chirping birds, the main points to consider are: cost, time, energy, and dedication.

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