We've broken down the pros and cons to owning and caring for large versus small breeds of dogs.

Large v. Small Breed Dogs

Which size or type of breed is best for you?

Deciding to get a pet is a big decision that involves a lot of different factors. How much money are you willing to spend? How much space do you have available? How much time do you have for training and care? It is important to find a pet that meets all the needs of your family. Living in a small environment means that a large dog isn't a feasible choice. Perhaps a family member is scared of snakes or rodents. Installing an aquarium can require a large tank and specialized knowledge. Owning a cat can mean that others will be bothered by its dander due to allergies. For nearly every pet, they are pros and cons for ownership. Here is some specific information about different types of pets to help you make an informed choice as a future pet parent.

Some people already have set opinions about which dog is best for them. Some benefits to owning a small dog include that they are more likely to be welcome everywhere, especially while traveling. Another benefit to owning a small dog is that they need less space, and are often favored in an apartment or condo setting. Some rentals have a pet weight limit that means that only a small dog will be allowed to live there. A small dog is easier to maneuver and care for; getting into and out of an apartment building, especially when housetraining them, is far easier. One of the drawbacks to owning a small dog is that they are more likely to become defensive around other dogs, although this can be helped by training them to socialize. Small dogs are also more fragile and prone to injury. There are also benefits to owning a larger dog. Big dogs are often considered to be fun loving and friendly. A large dog may be a better choice for home that have young children that could injure a smaller animal. Big dogs can be trained to use as guards or service animals. One drawback to a large dog is that maneuvering them can be a challenge. A large dog can be harder to bathe, clean up after, and take to the vet. Large dogs also mean large spaces. They do need space to exercise, but can also be crate trained and walked often if they do not have a yard. In summary, choosing the right size of dog depends on space, family type and temperament.

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